Hospital Patients

General Surgery

Marc L. Miller, D.O.

Dr. Miller is a Board Certified general surgeon. He is a member of: Society of Surgical Oncology.

  •     Cesarean Section
  •     Hemorrhoidectomy
  •     Carpal Tunnel Release
  •     Appendectomy
  •     Tubal Ligation
  •     Hernia Repair
  •     Excision skin lesion or cysts
  •     Thyroidectomy
  •     Insertion of a Venous Access Port
  •     Colon Resection
  •     Breast Biopsy
  •     Laproscopy
  •     Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  •     Mastectomy
  •     Hysterectomy
  •     Vasectomy
  •     D and C

The clinic is held at Manning General Hospital every Monday.