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Nerve Conduction/EMG

Electromyography (EMG) is a test of a muscle’s electrical activity. It is used to test how a muscle responds to signals from the nerves responsible for muscle movement, called motor nerves. An EMG may also include a test of how fast the motor nerve conducts impulses. This is called a nerve conduction study (NCS) or nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test.


Marvin M Hurd, MRHC Providers
Nerve Conduction/EMG

Marvin M. Hurd, M.D., specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and performs electrodiagnostic testing (electromyography EMG and nerve conduction velocity studies NCV) at the Manning Specialty Clinics.

Dr. Hurd grew up in Ida Grove, Iowa. He received his undergraduate degree at Iowa State University in 1969 and his medical degree from the University of Iowa College of Medicine in 1972. He completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, serving as chief resident. Dr. Hurd is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and also board-certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

Dr. Hurd resides in West Des Moines and for 26 years practiced at Younker Rehabilitation Center in Des Moines as well as going to several specialty clinics across Iowa. He now travels to 11 specialty clinics across Iowa.

The following are some of the procedures that can be performed by Dr. Hurd at MRHC:

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