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MRHC Offers New Procedure Aimed at Reducing Chronic Pain

Pain is a normal part of everyday life. It’s how our body alerts us to injury or illness. When the injury heals, the pain typically stops.

But chronic pain is different. And it’s far more common than you may think.

“Chronic pain is often defined as pain that persists for several weeks and sometimes even months and years,” said Linn Block, Chief Nursin

Mental Health Awareness Month Aims to Increase Education and Reduce Stigma

More than 46.6 million adults in the United States experience a mental health condition in a given year. That means in 2019 alone, 1 in 5 people will be affected by mental illness.

To help reach those in need, Manning Regional Healthcare Center is joining with providers across the country in recognizing May as Mental Health Month. The goal of this month is to build better understandin