Manning Regional Healthcare Center

About Us

For almost 80 years, the community of Manning has maintained a quality hospital, providing local residents with some of the best health care services in West Central Iowa. While our hospital has undergone many makeovers and some name changes throughout its history, the overall goal of providing you and your family with the highest quality of medical care available has never changed. Manning Regional Healthcare Center's comprehensive total health care system includes state-of-the-art diagnostic radiology equipment, emergency department care, inpatient medical and surgical treatment, specialty clinics, family practice, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment, skilled nursing services - and much more. All of this allows us to care for the majority of your medical needs right here in Manning.

Our 17-bed facility has been federally designated as a critical access hospital (CAH). To be designated a CAH, our rural hospital must meet defined criteria that were outlined in the Conditions of Participation 42CFR485 and subsequent legislative refinements to the program through the BBRA, BIPA and Medicare Modernization Act.

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