Plaza Nursing Home


At the Manning Nursing Home for Residents, an enthusiastic recreation staff encourages all residents to spice up their lives by pursuing vibrant, well planned group events as well as individual and spontaneous activities that focus on lifestyle choices and preferences. The overall goal of the activity department is to provide activities that satisfy the social, mental, spiritual and physical needs of each individual resident.

Residents obviously live within the physical structure of the Nursing Home, but remain an important part of the larger community through a variety of outings. Some activities include: weekly shopping trips downtown, Dutch treat outings to local restaurants, country drives, an annual trip to the apple orchard, inter-facility gatherings and numerous others.

We encourage family involvement through visits and participation in any of our activities or outings. Family and friends are the nucleus to our resident’s well-being and we love having them involved in our daily life here at the Nursing Home. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  •     Spa Day Volunteer -  Assist with hand massages and manicures
  •     One-on-One Visits - Individual visits with various residents
  •     Group Activity Assistant - Assist the activity staff with various group activities
  •     Volunteer for Various Outings with Residents -  Assist activity staff on a variety of different outings throughout the year

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the various volunteer opportunities  available, please contact DeEtte Grabill, activity director at (712) 655-8106 or e-mail

Contact a resident by email at, please note the resident’s name in the subject line. These are received by DeEtte Grabill and distributed to the residents. Any photos you send can be either printed or shown to the resident as requested.

Activity Calendar