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Manning Regional Healthcare Center

Physical Therapy Month Daily Stretches on Facebook

In recognition of physical therapy month, Manning Regional Healthcare Center reminds everyone of the importance of stretching daily.

“We’re celebrating physical therapy month at MRHC by introducing at least one stretch per day that people can do before work, at their workstations, or on the farm, as well as exercises to stretch your back and hips,” said MRHC Physical Therapist, Charlie Whalen. “I think people will find these stretches helpful as they are common problem areas,” he said.

Join us for Physical Therapy Tips on our Facebook StoriesManning Regional’s Facebook page will feature daily stories during October of stretching demonstrations and tips for the best sleep positions. Static stretches for the back and hips will be featured along with stretches for those with more active routines. The physical therapy department will also demonstrate simple stretches that can be done inconspicuously at work.

“We wanted to share these stretches and activities for people to do every day either after they wake up, before they go to bed or throughout the day to promote an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Physical Therapist Assistant, Alex Fletcher.

If you are suffering from back pain, muscle strains or sprains, or a sports injury, the physical therapy department can help in your recovery process as well as prevent further injuries from happening. If you have had a surgery such as a rotator cuff repair, total knee, or shoulder replacement, physical therapy can help increase range of motion, flexibility and strength. AT MRHC, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan and home exercise program.

To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist at Manning Regional, call (712) 655-2072.

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