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Women Supporting Women in October

WOMEN. They are our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, grandmas, and friends.

We all know women who take care of their family, relatives, and friends but have a hard time truly caring for themselves. It’s an inherent instinct for women to care for others. But how often do those same women forget to take care of themselves first so they can be healthy for others? And we’re not just talking physical health, but also mental, social, nutritional and spiritual health.

Breast cancer awareness is often celebrated nationally during the month of October. However, Manning Regional Healthcare Center is shifting that focus to address all aspects of women’s health throughout the month.

Women Supporting Women Cancer Survivor floral ArrangementsWomen Supporting Women

In celebration of women’s health, MRHC is sponsoring a second annual event called ‘Women Supporting Women.’

“We have had to make some modifications to our event this year,” shared MRHC’s Director of Quality, Patient Advocacy and Risk Management, Jackie Blackwell, RN, BSN, CPHQ. “But we look forward to bringing back one of the most rewarding events we’ve held, the ‘I’m a Survivor’ floral bouquets.”

MRHC invites anyone to nominate local cancer survivors to receive an arrangement of flowers or a candy bouquet. Five survivors will be chosen each week to receive an arrangement designed by Kristina’s Flowers and will receive the surprise delivery to their door on Mondays throughout October.

To nominate a cancer survivor, contact Jackie at (712) 655-8167 or email The cost to sponsor a bouquet is $40 and can be sponsored by individuals, businesses or organizations. Deliveries will be made within a 20-mile radius of Manning.

“Last year we hoped to have ten honorees, but everyone really caught on and liked paying it forward, so we ended up having 26 gracious survivors as recipients,” Blackwell said.

WSW Webinars

Women Supporting Women WebinarsMRHC will also be hosting educational webinars about various women’s health issues. Each week a link will be on the MRHC website and Facebook page. Viewers are encouraged to watch live and interact with the presenter through Zoom or watch the recorded presentation later.

Oct. 2 – Farm Safety & Health – MRHC Education Coordinator, Julie Hodne, RN
Zoom -
Passcode: 654073

Oct. 9 – Becoming a Caretaker – Senior Life Solutions Program Director, Janet Brus, RN & Therapist, Amy Hull, LISW

Oct 16. – Women and the Workplace – Physical Therapy Assistant, Alex Fletcher

Oct 23. – Women’s Health Through the Ages – Family Practice Provider, Hope Jensen, ARNP, CDE

Oct 30. – Women and Cancer – Family Practice Provider, Courtney Rupiper, PA-C and Director of Radiology, Linda Croghan, RT (R)(M)(CT)(ARRT)


All webinars can be found on Facebook here: or on the Zoom links provided for each webinar.


A Facebook Group called ‘Motivated.WSW20’ has also been created to encourage women to live a healthier lifestyle. Manilla-native and women’s health advocate, Jenny Wiebers, and her team of four trainers will provide free workouts, inspiration and nutrition tips online throughout the entire month for everyone to participate in and enjoy.

“We are excited that we can continue to offer these exciting opportunities to celebrate women’s health,” added Blackwell. “And we hope the communities we serve will recognize the importance of taking care of our female caretakers as well.”

Women Supporting Women Motivated. By Jenny Wiebers WorkoutsWomen’s Health

“We hope to encourage women to practice self-care, especially during these times of uncertainty, and most importantly, make their yearly appointments,” said MRHC clinic provider Hope Jensen, ARNP, CDE. “Getting yearly exams, regular check-ups and mammograms for women is very important,” said Jensen. “Preventive care such as this can detect problems early when treatment is more effective.”

According to Jensen, women’s yearly appointments are typically associated with Pap tests – an exam that looks for precancers or cell changes on the cervix that could become cervical cancer if not treated appropriately. The exam has proven so effective that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all women begin getting Pap tests at age 21.

“While we understand some young women may feel uncomfortable with the idea of making this appointment for their first Pap test, we want to assure everyone that these confidential exams are great opportunities to ask questions about your body while in a safe, comfortable environment without judgment,” said Jensen. “Additionally, we can provide women with information about prevention and prescribe treatment for any potential problems that are detected.”

Regular Pap tests are recommended for women until they reach age 65. Women who have normal results and no family history of ovarian cancer may be able to wait up to three years between Pap Tests. However, Jensen recommends these women should still make yearly appointments for basic checks and breast exams.

“Women’s bodies undergo so many changes depending on what stage in life you are, so these yearly appointments are great opportunities to track those and discuss any questions or concerns you have with your medical provider,” said Jensen.

Once women reach age 65, they are encouraged to begin regular bone density screenings – which are offered at MRHC by utilizing its state-of-the-art DXA machine. The exam requires little to no special preparation and can be conducted in about 15 minutes. It’s the only test that can diagnose osteoporosis before a broken bone occurs.

“Osteoporosis usually progresses slowly and most times without symptoms until a broken bone occurs,” said Jensen, “When low bone density is identified early through this screening, we can discuss lifestyle changes and other therapies with women to help protect their bones and reduce the risk of fractures.”

Most insurance plans cover women’s yearly appointments. However, patients are encouraged to check with their insurance provider in advance to understand what is already covered under their wellness and prevention benefits.

To schedule your yearly women’s exam, call MRHC’s Family Practice Clinic at (712) 655-2072.

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