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Show Seniors Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be tough for many seniors. After the excitement of the winter holidays have subsided, it can bring feelings of loneliness and grief.

“For anyone mourning a loss, Valentine’s Day can feel particularly cruel because it emphasizes togetherness, love, and romance,” said Janet Brus, program director for Senior Life Solutions at Manning Regional Healthcare Center. “So, no matter where the senior lives, there are ways for everyone to show a bit of extra love and attention to a loved one this Valentine’s Day.”

Here are a few ways to brighten someone’s day:

If you are able to safely gather, have a craft night, bake some goodies or play a game. MRHC reminds everyone to wear masks and socially distance appropriately. If the weather is nice, bundle up and go for a walk. If you cannot gather safely, consider dropping off supplies for your senior to decorate for Valentine’s Day, baking goodies for them to enjoy or delivering a gift to brighten their spirits.

If you’re celebrating from afar, send a thoughtful card, have flowers delivered, give them a call on the phone to catch up or have a virtual game or move night.

If you are personally feeling the effects of a loss this Valentine’s Day and are struggling to face the holiday, Brus encourages you to keep these tips in mind.

“If you feel the need to conceal your tears and put on a brave face, then you need to give yourself permission to grieve in your own way. Find ways to get you through the day, whatever that may be. Journaling helps relieve stress and also allows you to process and organize your thoughts and feelings as you write them down,” shared Brus. “Most of all, honor your loved one. This might involve planting a tree in your yard or a park or doing something in the name of your loved one such as volunteering in the community. Give it some thought, and you will find a way to honor your loved one.”

Grief takes an emotional toll on a person and it can also cause physical symptoms. If you are experiencing fatigue from poor sleep and bad eating habits, Brus recommends going for a walk, ordering a special meal from a restaurant or talking with friends or family.

MRHC urges those 65 and older to take advantage of the Senior Life Solutions program in which therapy for those suffering from anxiety and depression is offered. If you are in need of support or notice that a loved one is struggling and displaying signs of depression, Senior Life Solutions is here to help. Call (712) 655-8262 to speak with a counselor about your concerns.

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Senior Life Solutions Program Receives 2020 National Program of the Year Finalist Award

Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) is pleased to announce that the Senior Life Solution program and staff, Janet Brus, program director, Amy Hull, program therapist and Cathy Dammann, office and patient coordinator have received an award for being a 2020 National Program of the Year Finalist for the second year in a row.

To date, there are nearly 100 Senior Life Solutions progr