Manning Regional Healthcare Center

Jen Morris Receives Health-System Pharmacist of the Year Award

Manning Regional Healthcare Center’s Director of Pharmacy, Jen Morris, PharmD, was recently selected for the Health-System Pharmacist of the Year Award.

The Health-System Pharmacist of the Year Award is a national program that recognizes a health-system pharmacist who demonstrates service to the pharmacy profession, specifically hospital pharmacy; contributions to pharmacy programs; cooperation with the entire health care team; and service to the community.

Morris was nominated by Bob Stessman, owner and pharmacist at Manning Pharmacy, and was selected from four nominees. She joins a long line of worthy recipients of this award.

“When we hired Jennifer, she was to be the face of the pharmacy to drive the planning and engineer the changes,” reflected Stessman. “She started revamping procedures, teaching computerized record keeping for the nursing, pharmacy and physician staff and adding dispensing machines for Emergency, surgery and pharmacy departments.”

It wasn’t just Morris’s work ethic or achievements that led Stessman to nominate her for this award but her mentality and her drive to help others through her career.

“Jen is dedicated when it comes to ‘getting it right’ and is very hands on with all departments,” Stessman noted. “She created a first-class pharmacy department while creating a collaborative environment with administrative, medical and support staff. Along with her regular duties, she is a resource for the nursing staff throughout the hospital. Several times a week, she advises and educates the staff on subjects relating to pharmacy and how actions affect the outcomes of the patient. This collaboration occurs within physical therapy, the lab, the Recovery Center and outpatient clinics. She is a dynamo with making sure we are all on the same page.”

Morris’s hard work and dedication continues, showcased by her leadership in the current MRHC pharmacy renovation as part of the Capital Campaign, Project Forward. Her efforts on behalf of the campaign will ensure that MRHC can continue to offer life-saving infusions to patients as well as stay in compliance with regulations.

“Her work here is only beginning. I know what we were before she came. What we have now could not have been done without her expertise and drive. I am excited to see what she will do next,” said Stessman.

Morris will be presented with this award at the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) annual meeting in September.

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