Hospital Patients


Manning Regional Healthcare Center has many radiology services.  We provide standard and fluoroscopic radiology exams.

Computed Tomography (CT)

The computed tomography (CT) scanner combines the power of X-ray technology and computers–allowing physicians the ability to view wafer-thin cross-sections of internal anatomy without the need for surgery.  The LightSpeed® CT scanner manufactured by GE Medical Systems allows doctors to simultaneously capture multiple images of a patient’s anatomy in a matter of minutes.  This allows decisions to be made for quicker turn around time.


We have an up-to-date ultrasound machine which uses sound waves to study hard to reach body parts.  The ultrasound machine is used for OB-GYN, breast, abdomen, pelvic, vascular, and cardiac studies.


We provide screening and diagnostic mammography exams and needle localization of breast lesions.

Mammography is X-ray imaging of your breasts designed to detect tumors or other abnormalities. Mammography can be used either for screening or for diagnostic purposes in evaluating a breast lump.  Screening mammography is used to detect changes in the breast for women who do not have signs or symptoms or observable breast abnormalities.  Diagnostic mammography is used to examine suspicious breast changes such as a lump, pain, or unusual skin appearance.

Also, we have the new soft touch pad which provides a softer, warmer mammogram for patients.

Holter Monitor

Our Holter Monitor allows the lab to observe a heart over a 24-hour period to determine any abnormalities of the heart.  The lab has important information at their fingertips with software that saves the results on a computer chip and allows them to send it through a computer and get results within a half an hour.  This allows for a much quicker decision time for better, more effective results.