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Robin Heaton Answers Call to Nursing at MRHC

Robin Heaton

Robin Heaton’s nursing career is a testament to dedication, flexibility, and the pursuit of professional growth. Her journey from a college student unsure of her path to a seasoned nurse at Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) showcases her passion for healthcare and commitment to serving others.

Robin’s journey began at Morningside College in 1999, where she initially pursued a major in biology. However, it wasn’t long before she recognized her calling to be a nurse and switched majors in 2000. Throughout nursing school, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at several temp agencies in Sioux City. This experience enriched her understanding of patient care from multiple perspectives.

“I have always wanted to help people, and healthcare seemed to be in my future,” said Robin, RN, BSN. “Once I started college, nursing seemed like the obvious fit for me.”

After graduating in 2004, Robin began her professional nursing career at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). She joined the newly established Neuro floor, where she was instrumental in the unit’s growth and development. This foundational experience in a specialized area honed her skills and set the stage for her future endeavors in healthcare.

In 2013, Robin moved to Hooper Care Center in Nebraska. Her role there further diversified her nursing experience, emphasizing the versatility required in different healthcare settings. In 2014, Robin’s career took a significant turn when she joined MRHC. Initially starting in the Acute Care unit, Robin’s adaptability and eagerness to learn led her to the surgery department in 2019 where she now serves as a surgical nurse. Her career at MRHC has allowed her to experience various facets of nursing.

“I am always impressed by the options at MRHC,” Robin expressed. “You can move from one department to another easily, and get many different types of experiences: from substance abuse treatment, to surgery, to skilled nursing, ER, clinic, Med/Surg, hospice, etc. I enjoy being involved in different aspects of healthcare, even ‘behind the scenes’ areas like insurance, billing, and policies. That type of exposure is invaluable, and you would not be able to do that at a bigger facility without completely changing roles. Plus, most nursing roles are specialized in larger facilities, and you would not get to touch so many areas of nursing.”

This unique ability to explore different nursing specialties within the same institution is a distinctive advantage of working at MRHC. In addition to seamlessly transitioning between departments and gaining a wide range of experiences, Robin is also grateful for the flexibility and supportive environment at the hospital.

“MRHC is very family-oriented and goes out of the way to help you put your family first. They have allowed me to change positions as my family and career needs changed,” Robin shared. “Joy (Blom), especially, has been phenomenal in supporting my work/family balance. She truly understands how important your family is and will do whatever is needed to help you. I couldn’t ask for better support from a manager.”

“Robin is an excellent asset to the surgical team,” said Director of Surgical Services, Joy Blom, RN. “She is very compassionate in caring for her patients. She always goes above and beyond to make sure her patients have everything they need and explains things in detail to ensure they understand.” Joy Blom

Robin’s current role in MRHC’s surgery department is one she cherishes deeply. The close-knit team and the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of patient care resonate with her professional and personal values. She also notes how rewarding it is to care for the members of her community.

“I love that I am working in my community,” Robin expressed. “I am minutes from my home and my family. My friends and co-workers are the ones taking care of my family, and me as a patient. That close relationship is not something that often happens in other places.”

Robin notes that nursing is a uniquely flexible profession that can evolve with an ever-changing lifestyle and variety of family needs. For students considering a career in nursing, Robin offers a few pieces of advice.

“Always choose the path that aligns with your circumstances and goals, and keep your long-term goals in mind,” said Robin. “There are so many options to fit any life/family situation and opportunities to help you achieve your career goals. At MRHC, there are a variety of ways to further your education with tuition assistance. Take advantage of those opportunities!”

Robin’s journey is a great example of how a career in nursing can evolve and thrive within a supportive and dynamic healthcare environment like MRHC. If you are interested in joining the MRHC team, visit or call (712) 655-2072 for more information.

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