Jacki Streck Named 2024 MRHC Outstanding Employee

Jacki Streck

Jacki StreckJacki Streck, an employee in the dietary department at MRHC, was recognized for her exceptional performance and received the 2024 MRHC Outstanding Employee Award on May 15th. Jacki was nominated for the award by several of her co-workers who all agreed she not only meets but exceeds the criteria for this award.

The Outstanding Employee Award recognizes an MRHC employee who consistently performs high-quality work and extra duties beyond those normally assigned, is willing to work with others and assist whenever needed, has a positive attitude, displays exceptional dependability, and creates a positive work environment. Characteristics that Jacki undeniably possesses, making her a popular nomination and an easy choice for the award.

In a nomination letter, one of Jacki’s co-workers commented, “Jacki is one of the hardest working and most dependable people I know. She’s always willing to assist where needed, including picking up open shifts, filling in last minute, and adjusting her schedule to accommodate the department or the needs of MRHC.”Jacki Streck and Dan Grove

Another co-worker shared, “Jacki goes above and beyond to spread her positivity to staff, patients, and visitors and you can always count on her to greet you with a smile. She truly brightens the days of those she encounters.”

Some recent patient surveys have specifically called out Jacki, recognizing her exceptional performance, saying, “Jacki is the best!” and “Jacki is thoughtful and accommodated my diet.”

Several of Jacki’s co-workers also shared how her personality, dependability, and commitment to MRHC make her the best choice for the Outstanding Employee Award.

Jacki Streck and her family

“Jacki is always helpful, very accommodating, and will go out of her way to get what you need. She is always upbeat and happy. Jacki is an absolute joy to work with, and MRHC is extremely fortunate to have her!”

The Outstanding Employee Award was established to recognize non-medical staff for their excellent service to the organization, patient experience, and enhancing the organizational culture.  To read about past employees who have received this award, click here.