MRHC Patient Billing Process Update

Patient bills example

Beginning the week of April 3rd, MRHC will begin to send the first patient statements out of our new electronic record system, Meditech, meaning that patients may receive two statements, one from Healthland balances and one from Meditech. patient bills example

“While this is an exciting milestone for billing, there are some things we want patients to be aware of,” shared MRHC CEO, Linn Block, RN, BSN, MHA.

Since many patients still have balances in the system used before Meditech was released, these will be sent on a separate statement than any Meditech activity after 2/1/23. This is why some patients will get two statements, one out of each system.

In Meditech, each person over 18 years old receives their own statement (vs. designating a single guarantor if you have a family plan). This means many families will receive multiple statements in a given month vs. one per household.

Additionally, while MRHC would like to maintain one link for the patient payment portal, two different portals are required because of the move to Meditech. The link for each payment portal will be available on the Pay Your Bill page on MRHC’s website so patients will still have easy access to pay their bills online.

If you have questions regarding your statements or bills, call (712) 655-2072.