MRHC Honors Outstanding Employee Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah LorenzenMRHC’s first ever Outstanding Employee Award honoree is Patient Access Manager, Sarah Lorenzen. This award recognizes employees who consistently perform a high-level of work and extra duties beyond those normally assigned, has a positive attitude, displays exceptional dependability, and creates a positive work environment.

Sarah’s positive attitude, leadership skills, and dedication to her job are just a few in the long list of reasons why she is so deserving of this award. Sarah and her staff are the first encounter every patient has when they walk through MRHC’s doors; from contacting patient transportation services to taking patients to their destination by walking them there or via wheelchair, and coordinating multiple appointments for patients. The exceptional support, caring attitudes, and helpful smiles they provide have not gone unnoticed. Here are some of the things the individuals nominating her had to say:

“Sarah is a caring individual that comes to work every day with a smile on her face. She is compassionate to her patients and she has a sense of humor.”

“She has the respect of the staff and other department leaders that work with her. She is an example of an employee that every facility would want to have on their team! We are lucky to have her!”

“No matter how busy she is with her duties, Sarah is always willing and happy to help anyone or any department in the hospital. She constantly takes on extra duties and she and her staff always get them done.”

“Sarah and the admissions department played a large role in our COVID-19 vaccination clinics. They fielded hundreds of calls and made many, many appointments on top of their normal duties. Sarah shines bright and so does her staff! I admire them and the role they play here at MRHC.”

“Sarah is a true team player! No matter what she is doing or working on, she will always help in any way she can. She is always willing to listen and suggest solutions for issues that arise. I feel there is nothing Sarah wouldn’t do for MRHC, our patients and her fellow employees.”

“Sarah not only manages the day-to-day work flow of her staff, but participates as an equal alongside her coworkers in the department. She is thorough and detail-oriented when coordinating care between the clinic and other departments within the hospital. She is a problem solver, critical thinker, and the most pleasant person to be around.”

Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment and dedication to your patients, coworkers, and