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Blackwell Focused on Quality Improvement & Patient Experience

Jackie Blackwell recently completed her MBA, creating an opportunity both for herself and Manning Regional Healthcare Center. As MRHC’s new Chief of Quality and Patient Advocacy, Blackwell’s role will help the organization focus even more fully on quality and quality improvements.

“Quality is one of our five key results and at the forefront of all our decisions. We want to provide the best quality care for each patient encounter,” shared Linn Block, CEO of MRHC and Blackwell’s mentor throughout her MBA process. “Jackie’s prior experience as a nurse combined with what she’s learned through her MBA program has provided her with the tools we need for this key role.”

Blackwell’s new responsibilities include laboratory, quality, utilization, and risk functions, along with clinical analytics, patient experience and advocacy, HIPAA, and privacy. She will also coordinate objectives to achieve compliance with regulatory and accrediting agencies.

She completed several quality projects during her master’s degree, one of which is already helping improve MRHC. Blackwell’s capstone project evaluated fall prevention and how staff play a vital role in preventing patient falls.

She hopes the impact of her degree will help staff develop improvement opportunities at all levels of the organization, and establish processes to prioritize projects based on MRHC’s organizational goals.

Blackwell’s desire to further her education and career comes from her devotion to serve others. “I have always had a passion for helping others, whether that be patients, co-workers, friends, or family. Pursuing my MBA helped me to learn more management techniques and how to lead staff. The MBA program has also provided me ways to offer a compassionate approach to administration as we face the future challenges in healthcare.”

Jackie’s career path up to this point began at the Manilla Manor as an Environmental Aide in 2007. She earned her CNA in 2008 and worked at the Plaza while obtaining her RN degree in 2012. She then went on to achieve her BSN in 2018 and MBA in 2023.

“Linn Block encouraged me to pursue my career goals and was my mentor throughout the MBA program. My career has always meant a lot to me, and we were raised to be hardworking children,” shared Blackwell. “I told Linn my goals and she was supportive of them and helped get me to where I am today. All of the senior team members played a part in this process, and I learned a lot from each of their management styles.”

After her recent educational experience, Jackie offers this encouragement to someone considering furthering their degree and career: “If you have a goal, go get it!”

Manning Regional Healthcare Center offers tuition reimbursement for employees wishing to advance their careers. Visit or call (712) 655-2072 for more information.

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