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MRHC Provides Top-Notch Surgical Services to Rural Patients

When most people consider services offered by rural, critical access hospitals, surgical care is not always a standard service. However, in Manning, general surgeries have continued and most recently they have started offering total knee replacement and hip surgeries thanks to a visiting specialist.

Dedham resident, Julie Danner, recently received a total knee-replacement under the care of CNOS board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stokesbary, M.D., FAAOS, at Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC). She had her first knee replaced this January and her second knee replaced last month. Julie Danner and Dr. Stokesbary

“I had a great experience with Dr. Stokesbary,” said Danner. “He has fantastic bedside manners; he is personable and easy to talk to. He listened to my questions and concerns, and he truly advocated for me.”

Danner said she was scared to get her first knee replaced, but the surgery went so well that it encouraged her to get her second knee replaced.

After a recent follow-up appointment with Dr. Stokesbary, Danner shared, “I am very blessed. I was able to ditch my walker one week post-surgery. Dr. Stokesbary said he is proud of me. He made me feel so special and taken care of.”

Danner shares that she has also had a positive experience recovering from surgery. “After the surgery, I stayed overnight and then they sent me home with exercises to do on my own,” explained Danner. “I now go to physical therapy three times a week in Manning, and the PT team makes me feel right at home.”

Julie has been a patient at MRHC since the hospital was in its previous location on Main Street. “I like coming to MHRC because it is a top-notch facility, in my opinion, that is close to home,” shared Danner. “It is the best of both worlds. My primary doctor is there, and every staff member has treated me well during my visits.”

Besides the friendly staff, Danner mentioned how the hours of operation and billing processes are also convenient. “They were able to schedule me in pretty quickly,” said Danner. “Other people that I have recently talked to didn’t even know that MRHC offered services like knee replacement surgeries. I highly recommend this facility for these surgeries.”

The ability to receive high-quality specialty services close to home is very important to Danner. “MRHC is a really great facility. The doctors are very professional and great at their jobs,” explained Danner. “At MRHC, you don’t feel like just another number. I am so grateful we have this rural facility at our fingertips.”

In addition to orthopedic care and surgery, MRHC provides surgical services for hip surgeries, ear, nose and throat issues, OB-GYN, podiatry, urology, and general surgeries such as abdominal surgery, appendectomy, gallbladder removal, colonoscopy, hernia repair, hysterectomy, vasectomy, and more.

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