MRHC Welcomes Lucas Schwery, New Physical Therapist

The therapy department at Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) is excited to welcome an additional physical therapist, Lucas Schwery, DPT. Schwery will be joining Taylor Nelson, DPT, in offering physical therapy services to address a variety of impairments including musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular, balance, gait, and post-surgical impairments and injuries.

“I chose to work at MRHC because my wife and I live just outside of Manning. We are looking forward to planting our roots and starting our family here,” said Schwery.

After needing treatment for an ankle injury in high school, Schwery became interested in the physical therapy field.

“My injury inspired me to pursue an athletic training work study job in college,” said Schwery. “It was at this job that I found my passion for helping others return from injury to do the things that they love and achieve their goals. In many cases, physical therapy is a conservative way to improve a variety of our patients’ impairments.”

Signs and symptoms that indicate someone would benefit from physical therapy include any pain associated with the movement of a body part, frequent falls, dizziness, the inability to complete daily activities, and chronic pain.

Schwery grew up in Kimballton and attended Exira EH-K High School. He completed his undergraduate schooling at Morningside College where he worked with the athletic training staff helping provide sideline coverage for athletic events. He then graduated from Briar Cliff University from their Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

To schedule a physical therapy appointment, call (712) 655-8298.

MRHC Welcomes Carrie Scharfenkamp, New Speech Therapist

Carrie Scharfenkamp

Carrie ScharfenkampThe therapy department at MRHC is excited to welcome Carrie Scharfenkamp, M.A. CF-SLP, a new speech therapist offering services for adults and children.

Speech therapy services include evaluation and treatment in the areas of speech, language, swallowing, voice, cognition, and augmentative communication. Scharfenkamp can address issues with speaking, reading, listening, writing, thinking, and swallowing. While she has a pediatric background, Scharfenkamp will provide services for all age groups from birth to geriatrics.

“After working with children with disabilities at ChildServe I realized how much I enjoyed helping them communicate and complete tasks in their daily life,” shared Scharfenkamp. “Many of the children I worked with had communication difficulties and would see a Speech-Language Pathologist. I became interested in the field, began to do some job-shadowing, and instantly loved it. While studying speech-language pathology, I realized my passion was much more than just working with children. I love helping all populations with their deficits and disorders. Nothing is more rewarding than helping patients reach their goals, no matter how small.”

Common deficit areas Scharfenkamp works with are apraxia, aphasia, articulation, augmentative communication, dysarthria, expressive/receptive language disorders, oral motor disorders, fluency, swallowing, voice disorders, and pragmatic disorders. She also works with a wide range of diagnoses such as MS, dementia, autism, developmental delays, stroke, Parkinson’s, cancer, ALS, TBI, cerebral palsy, speech/language delay, and more.

“Speech therapy services will look different for everyone depending on their deficits and diagnoses,” said Scharfenkamp. “For adults, some common service areas would be communication, voice, dysphagia, and cognitive deficits. Common service areas for children include communication, speech, language, social skills, and behavior. Regardless of the person’s age or deficit, it is extremely important to find out what their needs and goals are to make functional improvements in their everyday lives.”

Some warning signs that someone may need speech therapy services would be unintelligible speech, delays in speech/overall development, issues answering questions, difficulties with fluency (stuttering), coughing or choking while eating, or problems with any aspect of communication.

“I am excited to begin offering services that are needed in the area, individualized to the population’s needs, and trying new things that the hospital has not been able to offer in the recent past,” said Scharfenkamp. “I would love to offer co-treatment sessions with occupational or physical therapy if appropriate and expand services to a wider variety of populations like adults and inpatients. Manning has a great, supportive community with an expanding hospital, and I look forward to being part of its continued growth and excellent services.”

Scharfenkamp grew up in the Carroll area and received an associate degree from DMACC in Liberal Arts and bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Iowa State University. She attended the University of South Dakota for her Master of Arts in speech-language pathology while completing clinical work in various settings for clients including an elementary school, Scottish Rite Children’s Clinic, SESDAC, and University Clinic. After graduating college, she began working at Northwest Area Education Agency as a speech-language pathologist where she currently works with children from birth to five years old.

“Although I will continue to work in the schools, I chose to work at MRHC as a PRN because I am passionate about many aspects of the field of speech-language pathology,” shared Scharfenkamp. “I want to continue to work with a variety of patients with a range of deficits and learn more in the medical setting to expand the services that I can offer.”

To schedule a speech therapy appointment with Scharfenkamp, call (712) 655-8298.

Lymphedema Services Now Available at MRHC

Occupational therapist, Amanda Arneson

“For those experiencing swelling due to lymph node removal or cancer treatments, lymphedema services can be very beneficial,” explained Occupational Therapist Amanda Arneson, MOTR/L, CLT, at Manning Regional Healthcare Center. Occupational therapist, Amanda Arneson

Lymphedema is a pooling of lymph fluid that results in swelling in a portion of the body. If left untreated, the collection of protein-rich fluid provides a culture rich for infection and inflammatory processes. Reduced oxygen transport then decreases healing to compromised tissues and wounds.

Lymphedema is a progressive condition characterized by:

  • Excessive protein in the tissues
  • Excessive fluid in the tissues
  • Chronic inflammatory reactions
  • Excessive deposition of fibrous tissues

“We began seeing more and more patients experiencing the effects of lymphedema, so Amanda became certified to provide treatment for our patients,” said Director of the therapy department, Taylor Nelson, PT, DPT.

Patients will now be available to receive the following treatments at MRHC:

  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Compression garments
  • Exercise and elevation
  • Education in self-management

To schedule a lymphedema consultation with Amanda at MRHC, call (712) 655-8298.

MRHC Welcomes New Physical Therapist

Taylor Nelson, MRHC Physical Therapist

Manning Regional Healthcare Center is excited to welcome new Physical Therapist, Taylor Nelson, PT, DPT. Taylor Nelson, MRHC Physical Therapist

Nelson is an Iowa native, excited to be back working close to home. “My wife and I are originally from Exira. We moved to Maine for about two years and then just recently made our transition back to the area. So, I’m looking forward to starting our family here, getting to know the community and taking the hospital to a new level with PT services,” he shared.

Nelson is a Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist, which uses an exercise-based program to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems. He also specializes in orthopedic type conditions, implementing a multifaceted approach, including hands on and exercise treatments to help patients achieve their rehab goals.

After graduating from Central College in 2015 with a degree in Health and Exercise Science, Nelson obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of New England in 2019. He then worked as a physical therapist at Proactive Physical Therapy in Lewiston, Maine for two years.

A knee injury in high school requiring extensive rehab inspired Nelson to pursue a career in physical therapy. “The whole rehab process and having a good experience is what led me to this field. Especially in small towns, we’re kind of limited on how many healthcare professionals we have here. We didn’t really have the option of driving to Omaha or Des Moines for everything, so that’s what made me interested in coming back to this area – just having a place for everyone to receive high-quality, evidence-based care here.”

MRHC Physical therapist helping high school boy exerciseEvidence-based practice includes the integration of best available evidence, clinical expertise, and patient values and circumstances related to patient and client management, practice management, and health policy decision-making, according to the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physical therapy can help those with back, neck, muscle and joint pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, stroke, sprains and strains, orthopedic or sports related injuries, weakness or loss of motion, body misalignments and more.

MRHC also offers additional rehabilitative services such as occupational and speech therapy. Occupational therapy provides services for people of all ages who, because of illness, injury, developmental, or psychological impairment, need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives. Speech therapy can address issues with speaking, reading, listening, writing, thinking, and swallowing.

To schedule a physical therapy appointment at Manning Regional Healthcare Center, call (712) 655-8298.