Manning Regional Healthcare Center

Manning Regional Healthcare Center Renovations Nearing Completion Thanks to Ohde Family and Community Generosity

The number of connections and the years of involvement that the Ohde family has with Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) is vast. So, when the Project Forward capital campaign began earlier this year, allocating part of a generous gift that community activist, Bill Ohde, had made to the West Central Iowa Healthcare Foundation before his death in 2010 simply made sense.

William (Bill) Ohde“Dad dedicated his life to [the hospital], healthcare, and this community. And because of that, it has always been a part of our life,” says Bill’s son, John Ohde. “So, deciding where this donation should go was obvious.”

Bill served on the hospital board for many years, along with his daughter Ruth, who served on the board from 2010 until her death in 2017.

“Ruth was always one, that, if the hospital needed something, they could go to her and she’d make sure the need was met,” shared John’s wife Jackie, an MRHC employee. She also recalled one of many examples of Ruth’s constant dedication and generosity to the Manning community, “When I worked at the Plaza nursing home, we had a room we were fixing up for staff to stay in if there was a snowstorm or something. It needed a table, couch, pullout bed and a TV; Ruth donated all of it.”

The Ohde family gift has been used towards the recent MRHC renovations, including the Senior Life Solutions space, Pharmacy remodel, and negative-pressure isolation room, which increases MRHC’s COVID patient isolation capacity from one to three patients. 

“We are grateful for the Ohde family’s ongoing contributions to Manning Regional Healthcare Center and the healthcare needs of this area,” said CEO, Linn Block.

There’s still time to contribute 
As construction nears completion for the Senior Life Solutions department, Med/Surg patient room, and pharmacy, MRHC is still seeking financial contributions that will help off-set the construction costs.

“While we are able to utilize savings to cover the remaining expenses, we are hopeful that a few grant applications will be funded and that year-end giving will come in strong,” said Block. “We are grateful to the many donors (businesses and individuals alike) and the granting organizations who have helped us bring this project through to fruition. Private donations and pledges are currently just shy of $530,000,” shared Block. “We look forward to showcasing this renovated space with the public and anticipate an open house will be held before the end of the year.”

Those interested in donating can visit MRHC’s lobby to pick up a donation form, call Amy Benton at (712) 655-2072 to discuss funding needs, or visit to find out more details.

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