Hospitality Care Now Offered at MRHC

Nice, clean, well-lit hospital room in MRHC

Nice, clean, well-lit hospital room in MRHCPatients looking for short-term care in a safe environment now have an option close to home. Manning Regional Healthcare Center’s hospitality care provides convenient accommodations and assistance for patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital for observation, inpatient or skilled care, but are not quite ready to be on their own.

“We noticed there were many patients in the area with a need for transitional or ‘in-between’ care,” said MRHC Director of Quality and Patient Advocacy, Jackie Blackwell, RN, BSN. “So, for instance, if you are a caregiver and your loved one needs somewhere to stay while you are on vacation, you can have peace of mind knowing they are being cared for.”

Other examples of individuals qualifying for hospitality care include those needing extra care due to exhaustion, patients needing complicated diagnostic workups or substantial pre-admission testing, and individuals who need a place to stay to allow time for their family to make alternate placement arrangements.

Hospitality care provides a stay at MRHC on a fee-for-services rate based on actual care given. The daily rate for hospitality care is $275 with a two-day down payment rate of $550 requested upon admission. Charges are incurred by day, not a 24-hour period, so patients will not be charged for the day they are discharged. Hospitality care can range from one day up to one week, unless other terms are agreed upon between the patient and hospital/facility representatives.

“We anticipate this new service will allow families and caregivers to feel comfortable that their loved one is in a safe place while details of their long-term stay or transitional living are being worked out,” Blackwell adds.

Hospitality care will be offered at MRHC as beds are available and is not paid for by Medicare or any insurance group. Services available during a hospitality care stay include meals, assistance with daily care, regular and as-needed vitals, and outpatient services, such as labs, x-rays, and rehabilitative therapy (outpatient services are billed to insurance).

To learn more about hospitality care at MRHC, contact Jackie Blackwell at (712) 655-2072 or by email at