Kala Chapman’s Journey to the Pharmacy Field

Kala Chapman

Kala Chapman“I started not knowing anything about being a pharmacy tech and was brought into the pharmacy setting just by chance. It turned out to be something I loved to do!” – Kala Chapman, CPhT

With no prior knowledge of pharmacy work, it was a chance encounter that led Kala Chapman to discover her passion. She is now building her career as a pharmacy technician at MRHC.

“I did have a lot of interest in healthcare as my mom and sister are/were both in healthcare and thought it would be the right fit for me as well,” Chapman said. “But I actually went to college to become an administrative assistant. When I moved to Audubon, I took a job as a ward clerk at the hospital. About five years later, the pharmacist was looking for a technician, so I took the test, and here I am!”

Without hesitation, Chapman took the leap, paving the way for her current role at MRHC where her experience has been one of continuous growth and support. Her sights are set on becoming an Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician, a goal she pursues diligently through continuous education and training. Recognizing her potential, MRHC has empowered Chapman to expand her skill set.

“MRHC has allowed me to broaden my horizons as a pharmacy technician,” Chapman said. “They have sent me to classes to learn how to mix chemo and antibiotics safely for our patients. They’ve also provided training on obtaining medication histories from newly admitted patients. There are other classes that I plan on taking as well.”

The work environment is another factor that Chapman appreciates about working at MRHC. She enjoys the camaraderie and the opportunity to learn from others. Most importantly, she finds the work fulfilling and is eager to develop her abilities even further.

“MRHC is positive and supportive,” shared Chapman. “I get along with all my coworkers and we work well as a team. I just love what I do here and am excited to grow in my career.”

Pharmacy Director, Jen Morris, PharmD, praises Chapman’s contributions to the hospital, saying, “Kala does fantastic work as a pharmacy technician. She is detail-oriented and her highly reliable and accurate work ensures that patients have access to the meds they need. Her strong technician skills and willingness to help make her a valuable team member at MRHC.”

For students considering a career like hers, Chapman offers valuable advice. “I would tell a student pursuing a pharmacy career to job shadow or get a job just working in a pharmacy first to see if it will be something you like. If so, just study hard and the test should be a piece of cake!”

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