John Hansen Making a Difference Behind the Scenes at MRHC

John Hansen

John HansenJohn Hansen’s career path is one rooted in family influence and a willingness to embrace a challenge. Despite a background in factory work, John decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and give the maintenance field a try. His decision turned out to be a rewarding one, and he found a true passion for the work at MRHC.

“I never saw myself working in a hospital, but I figured I would give it a try and am really glad I did,” John shared.

Starting as a maintenance tech in February of 2020, John would quickly grow into a leadership role just a year later, becoming the department supervisor in April of 2021. With the work he does and the impact he makes at MRHC, it is no question that non-clinical roles play a vital role in ensuring smooth functioning of healthcare facilities. While a job in maintenance might not be at the forefront of patient care, John emphasizes the importance of his role in keeping everyone comfortable during their stay at MRHC. From ensuring the functionality of facilities to addressing maintenance issues promptly, John’s work contributes significantly to the overall patient experience.

“MRHC is so fortunate to have John. He is knowledgeable in so many different areas, digs into whatever needs fixing, and tries to figure things out on his own,” said Chief Human Resources Officer, Shelli Lorenzen. “John quickly fell into a management role and absolutely owned it. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated employee. He knows what needs to be done and he does it, even if that means spending the entire weekend at MRHC to move snow so the ambulances can always get to the ER.”

In addition to making a positive impact on patients and helping his coworkers whenever possible, John appreciates the flexibility and support that he has at the hospital. Trust also plays a crucial role in fostering a positive work experience, and John attests that the administrative staff at MRHC trusts him implicitly. Something that is key to a productive and positive workplace.

“MRHC is very family oriented, and I know that when a family issue arises, I can go without question,” he shared. “Dan’s food is just an added bonus to working here.”

John’s journey at MRHC exemplifies the potential for growth and fulfillment in non-clinical roles within the healthcare industry. From his family-inspired career choice to the impact he makes on patient well-being, John’s story is a testament to the diverse and essential roles that contribute to the success of a healthcare institution like MRHC.

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