Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Care with MRHC

Blazek family

Are you planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby, or a new parent? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the decision about where you and your child will receive medical care is likely one of your top priorities.

Blazek familyFor Crisentia Blazek, a mother of two and resident of Denison shared that she “considered the provider’s experience in OB, the experience of my friends with providers, and the location of the facility” while determining where to receive prenatal and postnatal care.

Blazek chose to see Dr. McLaws at Manning Regional Healthcare Center, a decision she has been very satisfied with. “It is convenient to have appointments at MRHC, and I trust Dr. McLaws and MRHC to provide excellent, comprehensive care,” said Blazek. “Dr. McLaws listens to my concerns and answers my questions. He communicates with me about the treatment plan and respects my decisions.” post-natal care

And while MRHC does not deliver babies at their facility, the hospital has a partnership with St. Anthony Regional Hospital and McFarland Clinic in Carroll to provide a seamless pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care experience close to home.

“Here at MRHC, we continue to offer prenatal care to those in our rural areas even though we aren’t delivering babies in Manning. It gives our patients an opportunity to stay close to home and still receive quality care,” shared MRHC Clinic Director, Shelby Dickson, RN.

The partnership with St. Anthony allows mothers to receive prenatal care at MRHC, deliver at St. Anthony with Dr. McLaws, and then continue to receive postnatal and newborn care in Manning following delivery. Thanks to newly enhanced records systems, the med staff teams at both locations can easily access a patient’s chart as necessary to ensure seamless care.

“It works really well to come to MRHC for my appointments since I work in Manning, and I am usually able to come over the lunch hour so that I don’t miss any work,” said Blazek. “I love the fact that I don’t need to drive far away to the big city for my care. When my family needs to have a checkup, it is easy to schedule and go to the appointment. Plus, everyone at MRHC treats my family and I with respect. Every staff member I have encountered during my prenatal or postnatal care is friendly, caring, and keeps me in the loop of what’s going to happen.”

Call MRHC at (712) 655-2072 if you have any questions about pregnancy planning and prenatal/postnatal care at MRHC; the birthing experience at St. Anthony; newborn care, infant safety, and sibling adjustment; infant feeding and nutrition; wellness and specialty care as your child develops; or local support resources for new parents.