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To apply for a position with MRHC, complete the employment applicaton (click here) and either email it to, or print a copy and mail it to MRHC, attention Shelli Lorenzen, 1550 6th Street, Manning, Iowa 51455. Applications may also be dropped off in-person at MRHC.

Additional employment questions may be directed to Shelli Lorenzen, Chief Human Resources Officer, at (712) 655-2072 or

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MANNING, IOWA (December 2018) – The discovery of penicillin and its ability to kill harmful bacteria changed the course of medicine. It allowed thousands of World War II soldiers to survive once-fatal infections and is estimated to have saved more than 200 million people worldwide in the last century.

But less than 80 years after the first patient was successfully treated with p

Body Composition Scans: A Blueprint for Improving your Health

If the scale doesn’t show a lower number, does that mean your diet and exercise programs are failing?

Or, if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is within a normal range, can you assume your overall body fat percentage is low?

The answer to both questions is, “No,” according to Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) provider Courtney Rupiper, PA-C.