CEO Linn Block Attributes Staff & Community for MRHC’s Success

Linn block

Linn blockOver the past few years, our collective journey at MRHC has been nothing short of transformative. United by a shared commitment to patient safety, quality care, and team engagement, we have implemented a strategic plan that not only elevated healthcare standards but also garnered attention and respect from the broader healthcare community.

At the heart of MRHC lies its people – our exceptional staff, providers, and the communities we serve. Your unwavering dedication to our shared mission has resulted in numerous notable accomplishments in patient care, expanded service offerings, and financial resilience. This is a collective achievement, and I take immense pride in being a part of this remarkable team.

I want to express heartfelt acknowledgment for the extraordinary resilience and strength demonstrated by our community in the face of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These past couple of years have tested us in unexpected ways, and yet, together, we navigated uncertainties and overcame obstacles. Your commitment to safety protocols, mutual support, and unwavering trust in our healthcare team has been truly inspiring.

The way our community rallied during these trying times exemplifies the true spirit of unity and reinforces the vital role that rural healthcare plays in times of crisis. Your collective efforts not only safeguarded the health and well-being of our community members but also showcased the resilience that defines the heart of Manning Regional Healthcare Center.

Our ongoing community engagement initiatives, from local partnerships to the implementation of a new electronic health record system in collaboration with St. Anthony Regional Hospital, have further strengthened the bonds between MRHC and the communities we are privileged to serve.

The success of our capital campaign, raising nearly $1 million for the obstetrics wing’s renovation, and the recognition with the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for Employee Engagement underscore the incredible teamwork and passion that define MRHC. Your dedication has made our hospital a beacon of excellence in the face of financial challenges and changing landscapes in rural healthcare.

As I transition to the next chapter in my career, I carry with me the valuable lessons and memories from MRHC. The growth of our specialty clinics, the addition of same-day appointments, and the success of the substance abuse recovery center are all reflections of your hard work and dedication.

To our exceptional team, thank you for making MRHC not just a hospital but a family that cares for one another and for our community. To our patients, thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. Your trust is our greatest honor, and we remain committed to providing you with the highest quality of care. The journey ahead for MRHC is exciting, and I am confident that, with your continued dedication, MRHC will continue to thrive and be a beacon of healthcare excellence in rural Iowa.

-Linn Block

Linn Block Recognized as Top Rural Hospital CEO to Know

Linn Block, MRHC CEO

Becker’s Hospital Review recently named its “80 rural hospital CEOs to know”, which included seven Iowa hospital CEOs. The list highlights CEOs who have developed models that ensure their rural hospitals are thriving despite the financial hardships health care organizations face.

Among those highlighted is Manning Regional Healthcare Center’s (MRHC) CEO, Linn Block, BN, BSN, MHA. The article states, “Ms. Block established and implemented an effective strategic plan that shifted the organization’s focus to patient safety, quality care, and team engagement. She advocates at the state and national level for rural healthcare and led a capital campaign that raised nearly $1 million to renovate the obstetrics wing at her hospital. Her efforts have also helped MRHC earn a prestigious Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for Employee Engagement.” Linn Block, MRHC CEO

“Rural hospitals are critical to the success of the U.S. healthcare system to expand access to care in remote areas. CEOs at the helm of these important community institutions have many responsibilities to make sure their hospitals thrive,” the review shared. “The executives featured on this list have put their heart and soul into ensuring their communities have access to the best healthcare services possible. While rural hospitals across the country have faced closure in recent years, these leaders have developed a model for not only surviving but thriving.”

Although Block has only held the MRHC CEO position for three years, she served in a variety of nursing positions prior, most recently serving as MRHC’s Chief Nursing Officer for four years. Block’s guidance to the senior leadership and all management teams provided conscientious efforts to completely transform the culture of the organization, making it one of the top performing rural hospitals in the MercyOne Network across numerous metrics.

When it comes to leadership style, Block’s approach is different than many hospital CEO’s. She operates a very flat organization where employees are empowered to find opportunities to improve daily and provide the best patient experience whether their position is patient-facing or not.

Block’s Accomplishments at MRHC

Block has developed numerous partnerships with affiliate healthcare organizations to provide ongoing specialty services in Manning. In collaboration with St. Anthony Regional Hospital, she is facilitating the smooth transition to a new electronic health record system that will improve patient transparency and access to care, a project that has been in the works for more than two years.

Most notably, Block identified an opportunity to make better use of the unused maternity rooms which resulted in a local capital campaign, Project Forward. These efforts resulted in nearly $1 million donated to MRHC over the past year. Significant legacy donations continue to be made to the organization based on the positive impact the hospital is having on the four-county area.

“Rural healthcare reimbursement continues to be a challenge, but Linn has advocated for funding at the local, state, and federal levels,” said MRHC’s CFO, Amy McLaughlin, CPA, CHFP. “Her efforts have helped to increase Medicaid reimbursement, increase cash reserves, decrease the percentage of write-offs, and reduce the average days in AR. She challenges staff to think creatively to track down reimbursements, keep expenditures reasonable, and produce a bottom line in the black.”

Block has also garnered respect among her peers in neighboring communities and hospitals across the state, as well as MRHC employees, community members, and patients.

“Linn can often be seen in the hallways asking how an employee’s day is going, talking to a patient to ensure they receive the care they deserve, or grabbing a coffee and talking with community members,” said CNO, Michelle Andersen, RN, BSN.

Block excels in community engagement by being visible in the community, serving in leadership capacities for local and industry organizations such as Manning Rotary and encourages employees to contribute to community causes such as boy scouts, upcoming events, the Manning Community Chest, the giving tree, Hillside splash, the public library, and more.

Employees have also shared the following about her: “Linn has brought fun and laughter into the workplace while supporting family-first values. We spend more hours a day with our co-workers than we do with our families, so we need to laugh and care for one another as family. This has definitely improved our culture and employee engagement”, “Linn is a very approachable leader and employees are comfortable talking with her about issues”, and “Linn is never afraid to say she doesn’t know something. She is very quick to say she will find out and she does.”

Not only is Block’s financial performance high and ability to connect with people impressive, nearly all MRHC departments have seen growth over the past three years under her leadership. Specialty clinic volumes have increased, same-day appointments were added in the family practice clinic, and most recently, the substance abuse recovery center has exceeded 95% capacity monthly.

“Patient satisfaction is at an all-time high with nearly 100% of patients sharing that they would recommend MRHC to others and many providing written and verbal testimonials of their care,” shared Director of Quality, Patient Advocacy & Risk Management, Jackie Blackwell, RN, BSN, CPHQ.

“I credit the incredible team of staff, providers, community members, and our board of directors for the successes MRHC has enjoyed,” shared Block. “They are always ‘all in’ in their commitment to the growth and impact of MRHC.”

Congratulations to Linn Block for receiving this deserving award and for her dedication to Manning Regional Healthcare Center, our communities, and patients.