Welcome Brian Paugh, Mental Health Provider

Brian Paugh, PA-c, MSPAS, MRHC Mental Health Provider

Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) is continually working to address one of the primary health concerns affecting our rural communities, expanding mental health services. The MRHC Specialty Clinic is excited to welcome Brian Paugh, PA-C, MSPAS who will be providing tele health mental health services starting August 21st.

Brian Paugh, PA-c, MSPAS, MRHC Mental Health ProviderWith a special interest in adult & adolescent psychiatry, Paugh will provide care to a variety of psychiatric and substance abuse patients in an outpatient setting. He will see patients suffering from anxiety, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorders, a variety of mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Paugh will also be able to initiate and prescribe medications, order testing, and diagnose patients.
“I’m looking forward to helping the staff and patients of Manning Regional with the mental health needs of the community,” shared Paugh.
In addition to working at the MRHC Specialty Clinic as a mental health provider, Paugh will continue to work at Dean & Associates in Sioux City as a Psychiatric Physician Assistant. Paugh attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida for his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and the University of South Dakota for his Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. He has worked as a paramedic at the University of Iowa and has experience in a variety of medical fields including rural/underserved family medicine, orthopedic surgery, OB-GYN, general surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, behavioral medicine, pediatrics, and emergency medicine.

To schedule a mental health appointment, call (712) 655-8100. Referrals are not needed. If you need additional mental health information, education, or would like to discuss support, please contact your primary care physician at (712) 655-2072. For those 65 and older, call Senior Life Solutions at (712) 655-8262. Or call the Manning Recovery Center at (712) 655-2300 and talk to a professional.

Hip Surgery Now Offered at MRHC

Dr. Stokesbary, orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Stokesbary, orthopedic surgeonMRHC is excited to add hip surgeries to the list of orthopedic services offered in the Specialty Clinic. To accommodate this additional service, Dr. Steven Stokesbary, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon now offers orthopedic services in Manning three times per month.

“We understand that patients and their loved ones prefer to have surgeries and procedures done close to home, so we are excited to offer hip surgeries in Manning,” said MRHC CEO, Linn Block, RN, BSN, MHA. “Due to the increase in demand, we have also added another clinic date, so we are able to continue to offer additional specialty services for our patients.”

As a General Orthopedist with an emphasis in total knee and hip replacement, sports medicine, and arthroscopic surgery, Dr. Stokesbary also offers knee ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repairs, treatment for chronic and acute pain, carpal tunnel release, ulnar nerve transposition, and trigger finger release.

To see upcoming clinic dates, visit the MRHC website or call (712) 655-8100 to schedule an appointment.

hip surgery

Blazek Finds Opportunity to Grow Nursing Career at MRHC

Crisentia Blazek

Crisentia BlazekAfter making her way to the United States from Indonesia, Crisentia Blazek eventually made Iowa her home and began her career as a nurse at MRHC.

Blazek was born and raised in Indonesia, and after graduating high school, she moved to Kansas to study nursing at Hesston College. She obtained associate degrees in arts and nursing, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She later moved to Iowa after marrying a local resident.

“My husband encouraged me to apply at MRHC because of its connection to the Manning community which is known for being forward-thinking,” Blazek shared. “MRHC has been a welcoming place for me to start my career as a nurse. My co-workers try to help whenever I need it. The providers are willing to answer questions I have about diseases or treatments. The community is there for you during the good times in life, such as welcoming a new baby or an achievement at work, as well as the challenging times, like grieving the loss of a loved one.”

Blazek started her career as a full-time nurse in the acute/ER department at MRHC in 2018. In 2022, she transitioned to the Specialty Clinic. She works with and assists different specialty providers, including a general surgeon, podiatrist, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, ENT specialist, dermatologist, wound care provider, gynecologist, urologist, and mental health professional. Blazek also provides outpatient services including, but not limited to, infusions, injections, and dressing changes.

“Crisentia has been a great addition to our specialty clinic here at MRHC,” shared Specialty Clinic Manager, Elaine Macumber, RN. “She is a fast learner and has taken on multiple training courses to provide expertise in infusion nursing, cardiac stress testing, and caring for patients who need outpatient nurse visits for various reasons. She also brings kindness to her patient care, something that our patients notice right away.”

While MRHC is thankful to have a talented and considerate nurse like Blazek, she is mutually grateful for the opportunities she has had to grow her nursing career in a rural community.

“MRHC has supported and helped me by providing feedback during my annual evaluations, offering continuing education inside and outside the facility, and giving me an opportunity to work in different departments,” said Blazek.

Not only has Blazek directly benefited from the resources and support MRHC offers, but her sisters are also among many others who have been able to take advantage of the hospital’s dedication to help current and prospective employees continue their education and grow in their careers.

“MRHC shows that they value their employees by providing financial assistance for college education, offering shift choices for employees who are taking college classes, and giving opportunities to learn new skills through job shadowing,” Blazek shared. “My family and I are appreciative of MRHC’s focus on bettering the skills of its workforce.”To join the MRHC team, visit www.mrhcia.com/careers or call (712) 655-2072 for more information on current job openings.

Macumber Makes Career Strides at MRHC

Elaine Macumber

When Elaine Macumber and her husband, Jeremia, moved back to Manning, there weren’t any dental assistant jobs available in the Manning community. Having previously worked as a dental assistant, she was interested in continuing her career in the medical field without having to travel out of town, so she took a job at MRHC as a medical records/admissions staff for about a year until moving into materials management. One day, MRHC Chief Nursing Officer, Michelle Andersen, called Macumber and ultimately changed the trajectory of her career. Elaine Macumber

“I told Elaine, ‘I think you would make a great nurse and we’ll even pay for you to go to school’, and she did! She is not the only one. We try to mentor and help our employees with leadership development both externally and internally,” shared Andersen, RN, BSN.

Macumber went on to utilize the tuition program at MRHC to complete her LPN and RN education at Western Iowa Tech Community College.

“MRHC has provided me with a lot of career advancement,” Macumber said. “With the tuition assistance, the decision to go to school was easier on me. We didn’t have to worry about the financial obligation that school has with it, and I could focus on learning. Nursing school is a tough schedule anyways and with flexible hours at MRHC I was able to work full-time while in school and it really helped me get through. There are also a lot of great nurses at MRHC who helped me learn quickly.”

Macumber started her nursing career at MRHC working in ER/acute care before moving to the specialty clinic as a staff nurse. She took on additional training in the specialty clinic to be able to mix and administer chemotherapy and perform cardiac stress tests.

“The experience working in acute care and ER was great. I got to see a lot of good teamwork and you get to see a lot and learn from the house supervisors who guide you,” Macumber shared.

Now serving as the Specialty Clinic Manager, Macumber manages staffing and takes care of all specialty clinic provider needs. She will also continue as a clinical nurse in the specialty clinic performing infusions, assisting patients in consultations with the specialty doctors, and educating patients prior to surgical procedures.

“I really enjoy the specialty clinic,” Macumber said. “We have ten different clinics that we assist with, so every day is something different. I enjoy talking with the providers and learning as much as I can from them. I plan to work in the specialty clinic for a long time and we hope to expand our services when the need in the community presents.”

Not only does Macumber enjoy her role in the specialty clinic because of the variety of her work and the ability to continually learn something new, the people also make a big impact.

“I love the team environment here at MRHC, every employee has the patient’s interests at heart,” shared Macumber. “We work together to make our patients’ experience as pleasant as possible and still have fun while we do it.”

Specialty Clinic Services

The MRHC specialty clinic has several specialty doctors that see patients in Manning on a regular basis. Services include cardiology; dermatology; ear, nose, and throat (ENT); infusions; mental health; OB-GYN; orthopedics; pain clinic, podiatry; surgery; urology; and wound care. Visit www.mrhcia.com/events to learn more about the specialty area, the specialist or doctor(s) who provide the clinic, and what day they are available. For more information or to set up a consultation with any of the doctors, please call (712) 655-8100.

If you would like to join the MRHC team, visit www.mrhcia.com/careers or call (712) 655-2072 for more information on current job openings.

Tiefenthaler Provides Consistent Specialty Care Across Western Iowa

Kendra Tiefenthaler

When a car accident left a local mother with extensive injuries; significant chemotherapy and radiation treatment resulted in open, non-healing wounds for an area farmer; and non-healing sores on the feet and lower extremities of an elderly gentlemen resulted from the effects of diabetes, the Wound Care team at Manning Regional Health Care Center (MRHC) was able to heal their wounds quickly and effectively.

One integral team member for the Wound Care Clinic at MRHC is Clinical Coordinator, Kendra Tiefenthaler, RN, BSN. Kendra’s role in healthcare has evolved over the years, and she now works as a traveling wound care nurse, providing care throughout Western Iowa clinics, including MRHC. Kendra Tiefenthaler

“My mother had her master’s in health care, and it allowed me to see firsthand how important nursing is and how rewarding health care can be,” said Tiefenthaler. This continues to be true of her healthcare experience as she helps heal numerous patients each year from their open wounds.

Tiefenthaler received her LPN and RN license from Iowa Central Community College. In 2019, she decided to pursue her BSN degree and graduated from Capella University. She has now been a nurse for 12 years and has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including North Central Correctional Facility, St. Anthony Home Health and Hospice, and now serving as the Clinical Coordinator in Wound Care for RestorixHealth.

“Kendra goes above and beyond the call of duty every day, making sure her patients are cared for and that they understand each step of their treatment plan,” said Chelsea Spear, RestorixHealth Physician and Community Liaison. “She is such an essential piece to the wound care clinics, and she prides herself on getting to know each patient within the clinic and community. She always tries to make the day of people around her better.”

Tiefenthaler works at three hospitals regularly, including MRHC, and she fills in at two other clinics as needed.

“Having the opportunity to work at MRHC for three plus years consistently has allowed me to become part of the community,” said Tiefenthaler. “I often feel like I am caring for my own family. Plus, MRHC has a great team environment which allows for good communication and more effective care.”

At the MRHC Wound Care Clinic, Tiefenthaler works alongside Dr. Luong when caring for patients.

“Dr. Luong is an extremely intelligent and caring doctor. Working with him allows our wound care patients to receive excellent and precise care at every visit,” shared Tiefenthaler.

Being a travel wound care nurse allows Tiefenthaler to provide consistent care across multiple locations and help keep care close to home for patients.

“Often times wound care requires multiple visits for positive outcomes,” explained Tiefenthaler. “Having regularly scheduled days in each community has allowed our patients to see a consistent nurse and provider each week while also saving them travel time and expenses.”

“I’m so thankful I was able to go to MRHC for wound care since it’s located in my hometown,” shared a local resident. “I was immediately impressed by Kendra’s genuine concern for my care, her efforts to get answers and help me, along with Dr. Luong’s attention and ongoing wound care treatment. The best thing about the care I received was their genuine care and advocacy.”

As Tiefenthaler reflects on how she has grown in her career, she feels grateful for the role and responsibility she has been trusted with.

“Health care is always evolving and being a clinical coordinator providing a specialty service throughout local western Iowa clinics is motivating and rewarding,” said Tiefenthaler.

MRHC Wound Care Clinic

The MRHC Wound Care Clinic, a recent recipient of RestorixHealth’s Patient Satisfaction Award and Clinical Distinction Award, is dedicated to optimizing outcomes and preventing lower limb loss in patients with non-healing wounds. The approach to wound care is aggressive and comprehensive, coordinating traditional and advanced therapies and techniques that are proven to reduce healing time and improve healing rates. Since non-healing wounds rarely result from a single cause, the Wound Care Clinic begins with a thorough evaluation and diagnostic testing to determine the underlying cause of the wound. A treatment plan is then developed to give patients the best chance for healing. Most treatments are covered by Medicare/Medicaid, HMOs, and other private insurance.

The MRHC Wound Care Clinic is held every Thursday. For more information about treatment plans, please call 712-655-8100.

About RestorixHealth

RestorixHealth, the nation’s leading wound care solutions company, develops and operates advanced wound healing centers and provides wound healing direct-care services, education, and advanced wound supplies nationwide. Forging strong relationships with their partners, RestorixHealth’s customized wound healing programs and solutions increase the access to care, lower or avoid direct care costs, reduce hospital admissions, improve outcomes, and increase patient and partner satisfaction. For more information, visit www.RestorixHealth.com.

MRHC Welcomes New Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Stokesbary, orthopedic surgeon

Manning Regional Healthcare Center is excited to welcome Dr. Steven Stokesbary, M.D., FAAOS, a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon to the Specialty Clinic. Dr. Stokesbary will offer orthopedic services in Manning on the second and fourth Tuesday every month beginning February 22nd. Dr. Stokesbary, orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Stokesbary looks forward to, “providing general orthopedic services, local outpatient surgery, local total joint replacements, and access to more specialized orthopedic services when needed,” he shared.

As a General Orthopedist with an emphasis in total knee and hip replacement, sports medicine, and arthroscopic surgery, he will also offer knee ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repairs, treatment for chronic and acute pain, carpal tunnel release, ulnar nerve transposition and trigger finger release.

“We are excited to partner with The Center for Neurosciences, Orthopaedics & Spine (CNOS) so we are able to continue to offer these specialty services for our patients,” said MRHC CEO, Linn Block, RN, BSN, MHA. “We understand how convenient and important it is to have surgeries and procedures done close to home, so we are eager to welcome Dr. Stokesbary to our wonderful list of specialty providers.”

Dr. Stokesbary attained his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Iowa as well as his doctorate degree in the years following. Dr. Stokesbary, often known as “Stokes”, spent his Residency in Orthopedics at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He started his practice in Sioux City in 1998 and has been with CNOS since.

Dr. Stokesbary and his wife of eight years, Kim, have four kids together. He lives a very active lifestyle with his hobbies including golf, skiing, and scuba diving.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Stokesbary, call (712) 655-8100.

Local Mom Receives Wound Care Close to Home

wound care team

“I never imagined that you could find skin cancer in the form of a lump without having any visual signs on your skin,” said Manning resident, Jeanne Kerkhoff. “I am hopeful that by sharing my story that everyone realizes the importance of self-exams and early detection.”

Jeanne manages the Northwestern Mutual Financial in Manning, is an active community member and volunteer, and has four growing children. In late 2020, Jeanne visited with her primary care provider for what she thought might be a hernia. Further exploration and testing showed evidence of melanoma spreading to her lymph nodes. Thanks to the quick action by her medical team in January 2021, she underwent surgery to remove multiple lymph nodes, began recovery and started receiving immunotherapy.

It wasn’t until her surgical wound would become infected that she would receive care at MRHC.  Jeanne’s surgical oncologist referred her to the Wound Care Clinic at MRHC for ongoing management of her surgical wound.

“I’m so thankful I was able to go to MRHC for the wound care since it’s located in my hometown,” she said. “The wound vac and drainage tubes kept me from maneuvering around and doing things myself,” she added. “I had to rely on my husband and kids to help me out, which was definitely a change for the family.”

wound care team“Dr. Luong and nurse, Kendra Tiefenthaler, were able to help minimize and manage my pain. They also prescribed antibiotics for the infection and Kendra taught me how to clean and change the dressings daily to treat the infection. I was immediately impressed by Kendra’s genuine concern for my care, her efforts to get answers and help me, along with Dr. Luong’s attention and ongoing wound care treatment. The best thing about the care I received was their genuine care and advocacy.”

After seven weekly visits to the wound clinic, Jeanne’s wound was healed. “I was ecstatic! I’m so thankful and blessed to not be attached to any tubes anymore, and I have new empathy for those who do. Kendra and Dr. Luong exceeded all my expectations and provided comfort during a challenging time!”